car keys old volvo and smart

hello I wanted to copy the key from my old volvo 850 the frequency is 433.959 but I can’t find anything with “read” it’s the same with my Smart which is probably also too new (2012)

We currently do not support car fob protocols for two main reasons:

First, it allows using the flipper for potentially illegal activities, and we don’t want that

And second, it will almost certainly de-sync your current key fob which will make it not work at all, and we don’t want that as well

You can try capturing the signal via Read RAW, but be warned that this may also de-sync your fob, so do this at your own risk

Read raw Works a few times.
Key still works.
I can also teach in new keys so that the flipper can be used as a new key?

For the flipper to act as a new key we need to add support for your key, to do this you need to collect data about your key, to do this follow this guide