CLEMSA Garage Door


I would like to contribute with a capture of a CLEMSA (Spanish manufacturer). Receiver close to the garage door CLEMSA CLAS 16 IP54. The Keyfob is CLEMSA MT1 if that helps.

For more background, I’m able to capture and replay without any issue in RAW, and it works but its not detected by Flipper. I was aware of the replay attack beforehand as I already tried with HackRF.

8 switchs, initial positions for the Clemsa_12.sub file:

I’ve added three captures:

  • Clemsa_12.sub which is about 12 times opening the garage door
  • Clemsa_up.sub with all switches up
  • Clemsa_down.sub with all switches down

Let me know if you need anything or if I could help here with additional tests.

Clemsa_12.sub (62.6 KB)
Clemsa_down.sub (36.9 KB)
Clemsa_up.sub (44.2 KB)

Yes, I will try to look at your records today, but I will definitely need more records with different switch positions, all down, all up, all in the center, 1 all down 1 center / top … 2,3,4,5,6,7 ,8 … to determine exactly which bit is responsible for which switch

also interesting is the photo of the remote control board, so that the markings of the parts can be seen

yes i can add this protocol, give me more entries with different switch positions @vNroot


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is this the same protocol as mine?
(Clemsa GateFOB - #9 by Solilord)

@Solilord sorry, missed something. check, this person had normal records, I was able to parse the protocol. and let me know if it works too

No worries! Iam glad for any of your work!

Okay, i will try right away with decode feature.

Yes, I do it so that they wake up. waiting for your verification


This has not worked for my Clemsa FOB either.