Clemsa GateFOB

in your records there is a normal record of AM250 and AM650 data, (but I see the button was pressed only 1 time). judging by the data on the data, the re-recording should work, BUT do not already record several button presses for 3+ seconds on the AM650, I will say more precisely, and this is the same Clemca protocol that I added before, but it has very different signal damping
// .te_short = 385,
// .te_long = 2695,
// .te_delta = 150,
.te_long = 500,
te_delta = 80,
for more than .min_count_bit_for_found = 18,

to add, I need a normal recording of several button presses and ideally with different switch positions. to check them

Que chip lleva ése mando?

Hello, I have recently contributed to the official project flipperzero-firmware and i added this protocol to it.
It´s now included in the release candidate 0.95.0 rc (Releases · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub) you can install it and test if everythig is OK with it.
Feedback is wellcome