CLI SubGhz send from /ext/sdcard/subghz

Hi there,

Is it possible to send subghz files using the commandline interface, like:

subghz send /ext/subghz/livingroomlight.sub


I haven’t tried this myself yet, but in the meantime see if this thread is helpful Subghz cli usage (te parameter)

I read that but there’s only a few options like SubGhz decode_raw, nothing happend when i try’d a raw file.
Then there’s loader, that command opens the Sub-GHz program with the right file loaded like:

loader open Sub-GHz /ext/subghz/Light.sub

But then it waits for user input on the flipper.

And i did found this:

And there i see a command:

proto.rpc_app_start(‘Infrared’, ‘/ext/infrared/’)

and i assume it might be possible to do:

proto.rpc_app_start(‘Subghz’, ‘/ext/subghz/Light_room.sub’)

But then i managed to install it and it’s the same command as ‘loader’ … :frowning:

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Found that when you connect to FZ using CLI you can:

loader open Sub-GHz /ext/subghz/Light.sub
input send ok press

Wich works but when i do:

input send back press

Crashes FZ…

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Hmm, interesting. For me, the following snippet does not cause a crash (Firmware v 0.92.2):

input send back press

Instead, it simply does nothing. And the reason why is because the OK button is still pressed. I need to release it to stop transmitting:

input send ok release

Interesting, there are many changes going on so perhaps the crash problem was addressed.