Convert RAW file to Key file?

I got two files here, one is the RAW file I captured, and the other one is the key file analysed by flipper.
RAW_1.sub (7.3 KB)
Light_Off.sub (170 Bytes)
And I was wondering could I convert the RAW file to a Key file myself. I saw [this] website yesterday, but it requires bitlength and allowable error, how could I get these data? AnM I looking at the correct website? (Python script to clean up and recover an OOK bitstream from a Flipper RAW .sub file. · GitHub)

Read here :

Example using CLI i did extract the keys/info from my doorbell subs to create files to use with the decoded protocol of flipper :

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Thanks! One more question, what does “yek” means? Do I need it to generate the key file? It doesn’t seems to be in the key file but it appears on flipper. Is it important?