Device Disconnect When Erasing Memory

I am writing custom firmware for my Flipper and attempting to flash it using qFlipper (latest, 1.1.0). I have done so successfully in the past (2-3 weeks ago?), but I am now running into a persistent issue where the device disconnects while erasing memory.

20235 [DBG] Erasing memory: 94%
20329 [DBG] Erasing memory: 95%
20423 [DBG] Erasing memory: 96%
20517 [DBG] Erasing memory: 97%
20658 [DBG] Erasing memory: 98%
20843 [REG] Device went offline: VID_0x483:PID_0xdf11
21958 [DBG] Failed to perform control transfer: LIBUSB_ERROR_NO_DEVICE
21958 [DBG] Unable to get device status
21958 [DBG] An error has occured during erase phase
21958 [DBG] Failed to erase page
21958 [DBG] Failed to erase the memory
21958 [RCY] Firmware Download @Ellwt1n3 ERROR: Can't flash firmware: An error has occured during the operation.
21958 [DEV] Firmware install from file @Ellwt1n3 ERROR: Can't flash firmware: An error has occured during the operation.
21958 [BKD] Current operation finished with error: "Can't flash firmware: An error has occured during the operation."
26905 [APP] qFlipper exited
26924 [default] "There are still \"1\" items in the process of being created at engine destruction."

I suspect the issue is with the Flipper or qFlipper as this occurs before my firmware even begins to be transferred to the device, but if you need more information on my modifications, or just the DFU, I can supply those.

I can recover the flipper by rebooting to full recovery mode. I’ve also tried a couple USB-C cables (and at least two different USB ports) to no avail.

qflipper.log (6.5 KB)

I’ve started having the same issue as well. Original firmware flashes with no issues (whether by official channel or installed from a locally compiled file), but any custom firmware and the device goes offline after erasing the memory. I am able to recover through DFU mode too

The firmware image you are trying to flash does not fit into the Flipper’s flash memory. You’ll need to contact the developer of the firmware you’re flashing and ask them to resolve that issue, as we do not provide support for unofficial firmware forks.


Thank you! Greatly appreciate your help!

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Ah, interesting. Thank you for the help.

My fault, then :slight_smile: Time to do some code golfing

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