Device not found while in DFU mode - Windows 11 - Thrustmaster Driver Interference

Figured I’d report my struggle bus.

Thrustmaster hotas driver seems to interfere with the detection of Flipper while in DFU for qflipper 1.0.3 and earlier


Thrustmaster? The steering wheels?

I have Thrustmaster devices and drivers on my system as well. I have run into this issue in the past with other programs and games. What I found was disconnecting the controllers usually corrected the conflicting issue, but not always. I set mine up on a powers USB hub so I could switch them off and reboot them as needed.

But if that situation doesn’t work for you I think the thread written by @zhovner might be a good course for further troubleshooting. I added the link to his thread below for you.

How to debug Firmware

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I also had this issue. I unplugged my TM 16000 HOTAS and it helped out.

I should say, I’m on Windows 10x64 21H1

You can also now use the mobile app to update your flipper without any driver conflicts.

This is very clever and thank the developers for the feature!

I used it to update to RC 0.58.1 using my android app.

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