Flipper Rebooting/No longer charging

I updated my Flipper last night to the latest firmware. After the update completed successfully and I disconnected from my PC (Windows). After I disconnected I noticed the Flipper was rebooting, thought nothing of it. After it rebooted it flashed a low battery notification - it was 95% battery prior to the update. I connected it to my USB charger to let it charge overnight. When I checked this morning the battery is only displaying 8% of the battery remaining. I’ve tried rebooting/reflashing and nothing has helped. Not sure what is going on but I hope someone can help figure out what’s going on.

Hi! Sorry to hear that. Can you run power info and power debug commands from the CLI amd post your results here? You can follow instructions in this post to do it.

I’ve had a power problem with my (black) Flipper since day one. It would only power on when plugged into the USB port and then would power off as soon as it was unplugged. While plugged in it showed the battery at 100% charge. I cracked the case open and then suddenly the Flipper powered on and worked on battery. Great I thought so I carefully put the case back together and it still worked. I started to use it but then noticed every time I would plug it in to charge it would start charging for a few seconds and then I would receive the “Charged” message and it would stop.

So I haven’t really done much with the Flipper. I did recently take the 60.2 update wirelessly using my phone but since then when I plugged the Flipper back into the USB on my computer, the Flipper has reverted to no longer functioning on battery and the charge information tells me “Charged.”

I did contact support about this issue weeks ago, sent in info from the CLI power debug command, and the last message I received on June 1 from Zoe was:

"Looks like there is an issue with your battery, and as such I will be making an RMA request for your Flipper.

Our engineers will be investigating this issue, and once I have more information for you I will be back in touch."

I’d crack it open again but worry I would break something and then be SOL. I’ve lived without it all this time so rather than risk damaging it, would rather it just be made right.

If you’re afraid of damaging it you can message [email protected] and file an RMA. Alternatively, you can follow a self-repair guide linked here, should be pretty straightforward.

I couldn’t help myself and now knowing how to open the Flipper without damaging the case, I proceeded to take it apart and discover the problem.

You can see in this closeup the wires from the battery have been mangled and are pinched as they make their way to the connector. The connector itself was fine and plugged in securely but when I touched and wiggled these wires from the battery the unit would power on and off with the wiggling. This also explains why it wouldn’t charge since strands inside the wire are likely broken. I need a new battery and hope Zoe will eventually get back to me with an RMA.