Flipper Zero - Screen specs

Any idea on the screen that will be used?

I have and mbed LPC1768 laying around and I was starting making some Flipper zero dev board based on it, with some buttons and screen to prototype some games to flipper.

I would like to get some screen that is close enuf to the final screen so I can see how would games look like and what’s possible to do on flipper.

Found 1.4" monochrome LCD display 128x64 px on the website but then I saw discussion about a possible e-ink screen.

Is this decided ?

If I remember that discussion correctly, the developers decided against it due to concerns about the responsiveness.
And I suspect that if they had chosen e-ink after all it would be listed under “hack in bright daylight” in the specs

It would be great to know the exactly part that will be used, this way I could make a breakout board and start playing with it.

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I’ve ordered a screen to star playing around with the same amount of pixels

€ 1,34 19% Off | Original 0.96" OLED SPI/IIC I2C white/blue/yellow blue 0.96 inch OLED module 128X64 OLED LCD LED Display Module For ARDUINO

It’s the closest to flipper I found, but it’s oled instead of lcd, so the active pixels will be white instead of back. Anyway it’s similar size and same pixels so I will star playing with it.

Would love to upgrade to the same screen as will be used on flipper as soon as we have a confirmation on the selected part.

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Have you found out what screen it is? Mine unfortunately broke, and I want to get a placement, but I want the backlight to be a different color. If you find out, please let me know Thank You

No i don’t know what screen is on it :frowning:

I Just remember that there’s a blog post talking about screen, I don’t know if it helps some how Waiting for LCD Displays

The screens are custom-made for us, you can’t get them anywhere else. We plan to open up replacement parts sales in Q1 2023

Thank you for letting me know. But is there a way to change the backlight color?

Any update on this @Astra

No news yet