Friedland Libra+ 48249SL wireless doorbell - request :

I’m slowly sorting out requests to add protocols. I will come to your

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Cool, thanks !
Let me know if you need more raw captures.

so far only without parsing the parcel, tomorrow I’ll do it … if there is time, please check

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Thanks !!! I will check !!!

lib/subghz/protocols/honeywell_wdb.c:277:13: error: 'subghz_protocol_honeywell_wdb_check_remote_controller' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-function]
  277 | static void subghz_protocol_honeywell_wdb_check_remote_controller(SubGhzBlockGeneric* instance) {
      |             ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
	CC	lib/subghz/protocols/linear.c
	CC	lib/subghz/protocols/marantec.c
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
scons: *** [build/f7-firmware-D/subghz/protocols/honeywell_wdb.o] Error 1
********** ERRORS **********
Failed building build/f7-firmware-D/subghz/protocols/honeywell_wdb.o: Error 1

Can’t compile with ./fbt for testing :frowning:

update the repository i added parsing and fixed the bug

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Thanks for this, apreciated.

so does it work or not? @Spildit

I don’t have the doorbells with me here at the moment. I will try it out later today and i will post here when i do. Thanks once again.

Ok, working for me.

Thanks for your time to implement this.


if you knew how much pain you could save by having the device on hand. but I’m glad everything worked out

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Ok, i did update to the latest firmware and i did check my saved .sub files in CLI and i can extract the doorbell keys in CLI but there is no add manualy entry on flipper menu to add doorbell keys by hand. Could this be implemented as well ?

Ok, i did some extra testing today with my doorbells and the protocol implementation on flipper is great !!! Thanks for the nice work once again !!!

I’m sharing this, i did figure out that if i chage the bell push ID to 0000 i can create an “universal” signal that will ring ALL bells on range with a standard sound.

Filetype: Flipper SubGhz Key File
Version: 1
Frequency: 868250000
Preset: FuriHalSubGhzPreset2FSKDev476Async
Protocol: Honeywell
Bit: 48
Key: 00 00 00 00 00 20 00 01

00.sub (166 Bytes)

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Also from my testings;

Key: 00 00 0E DB 70 20 00 02 - Low battery - Makes the bell ring and then send 2 short sounds indicating low push button battery.

Key: 00 00 0E DB 70 10 00 01 - Set ID as PIR/Motion Sensor. On my tests it doesn’t require to re-programm that on the bell, it makes the bell ring with a different sound that is NOT available for selection when you programm it for a new push button.

Tested the Secret Knock but my push buttons don’t support it, i can’t press them 3 times very fast because it starts sending the standard command to the bell/flipper at the first push, mines don’t set the SK flag (the buttons) and setting them as key on flipper file doesn’t make the bell ring at all as my models are not compatible with SK - Key: 00 00 0E DB 70 20 00 11

This is very cool !!! I’m very happy with this, and it’s also cool that ALL of my bells do react to ID 00000 ! Maybe it’s used at factory to test the bells ? I tryed with FFFFF but didn’t work. I will try some more combinations tomorrow like the universal 00000 with the Motion Sensor and low battery flag.

At any rate it would be cool to have an “add manualy” option like on the other protocols to add the key on the flipper without using a text editor on the files.

Regards and thanks once again.

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This works as well for me !!! Makes ALL my doorbells/chimes in range of the flipper to RING with the “special” PIR sound …

Here in Portugal / Lisbon the majority of those Libra+ are working at 868.25 Mhz but i did find some at 868.35 so one would need take that in account, the “universal” files “bypass” the need of a ID to ring that bell but one still needs to be on the correct frequency !!!

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Is it possible for anyone to make a sub-file, but change the frequancy to 433. for those doorbells that uses that frequency ?

Yes, just edit the file with a decent text editor NOT windows notepad and place the frequency that you want.

I did find many more things about this as well with time like secret ringing that can’t even be selected on the doorbell and is triggered with special commands, etc …

You can use brute force tool for example to frute force the bit of the device- doorbell (20) and try all combinations, you will ear some funny ringing for phone/PIR/etc … you can use usiversal id (all 0000) for the ID of your doorbell and all of those Libras on your range will ring ! Will not work with Honneywell (you need correct ID).

The correct exacte frequency on Europe/Portugal is 868.30 and NOT .25 but works on most cases (.25) but to be sure it will work allways use 868.30 . If you have decoded file simply put the frequency that you want to use on your file (edit by hand) but make sure that your text editor doesn’t bork your file (like windows notepad).

Thank you :slight_smile: What editor do you use?

hi , how can i download this protocol ?

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working for me . i learn this signal in dorbell and is ringing :slight_smile: thx