Funny situations created by Flipper Zero

Hey there,

I just got my Flipper zero and I want to present it my best friends. I don’t want to do illegal things with it.
What are the coolest things you can do with the Flipper without adding a external script to it from the computer?

Last weekend I’ve tried to show the flipper to my sister … And yes. How to explain what is it?

I’ve started with read the animal Tag from the dog of my parents. This got me a huge ‘wow’ effect.
Should work with any NFC/RFID. But when you’ve read the Bank card, just say ‘I’m legally not allowed to go further’. Don’t mention the flipper can’t go further :stuck_out_tongue:

My brother tried the demo BadUSB script, but a lot of windows interfered with the input … Should be tested before presentation.

And the Frequency scanner is cool for me, but very boring to look at, for others.
I’d like to use the U2F feature as well. But more as demonstration of ‘how easy/flexible 2FA is’, than to show the Flipper. Here the Flipper is along with any Authenticator on the phone and a Yubikey.

Sometimes I show the TV-B-Gone feature. But this works only 7 of 10 times. I need to pimp my IRDB a little. But even the IR Clone feature is nice to show. And much more impressive/faster than any SubGHZ show off.

I went to a tech market yesterday to see if I can turn off all TV’s there at once but unfortunately it only worked for 4 of let’s say maybe 15. Before that I analyzed the infrared signal of my TV at home and saved it. With this signal I went there then.
But as written upwards I have not been successful. Does anyone know how I can save the infrared signals of all TV’s on the market and then replay them at once?

This is not how it works …
The IR is just a path of communication. But every vendor needs to mage sure his device is only recognize the specific command. If the command is too simple, it can be confused from the background noise.

Just set the debug mode of your flipper (Settings - System - Debug: On) and go to “Infrared - Debug”. Wave around a little, towards different light sources. And you’ll get more or less ‘false signals’.
To avoid your TV go off and on, just from the sun or lightbulb, the TV Vendors created a protocol and a defined command set on top of the protocol. See Link ‘Blog’ below.
And they don’t talk to each other, so there are multiple protocols and different commands. See Link ‘IRDB’ below.

You are free to create a ‘Universal Remote’ file, with as much ‘Power’ commands, as possible. But the more commands needs to be send, the longer will the process take.
I would say: “If you try every command from the IRDB in one file, the send is not done, before the shop is closing.”

Blog: Taking over TVs with Flipper Zero Infrared Port


At first I want to thank you for your replies.
I don’t really know anything about github and how to transfer the IRDB code to my Flipper Zero. Can anyone describe how this works? I don’t want my Flipper to crash.
Is there a good tutorial on how to download and then get it into the Flipper zero?

After a few tries I’ve been able to read the chip ot my 3 cats. It’s funny because we have a high-tech-very-expensive feeder that activates reading the chip of the correct cat. Now I can open the feeder emulating the chip.

And here in spain there is a registry with chip numbers that has info like owner’s phone, name… If I find a lost pet I can read the chip and contact the owner quickly.

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Yes, animal tags are discussed for example here: Animal tag “Bayer Animal Coder” issue - #17 by hauf

Interesting add with the feeder. Would you share what vendor/model it is? I hope your Cats are not trained to use the flipper.

Just a side note, to turn off TV try this file : Flipper/Infrared at main · UberGuidoZ/Flipper · GitHub it will brute force many codes to shut down TVs. If you are not happy try this : - rename to replacing your file on SD card infrared / assets and this will brute force the shut down / power off commands of many devices (not only tvs) … Have fun !