Gliderol Garage Doors - tm-305c

Hi All,

Just received my flipper from the kickstarter campaign, installed an sd card and ready to start feeding the cyberfin.

I’ve tried a few different features on different things and have become stuck with the sub GHZ with my garage door.

Having read a few of the threads here, I have taken photos of the inside of the remote and inside of the garage box. Also I can read the signal from the remote when set to 315mhz (it doesnt change, frequency analyser states 314.something consistently) and either of the AM modulation settings but non of the FM settings. The RSSI seems the same height on both AM settings.

The read gives the name Keeloq 64 Bit which I googled a bit but could not find anything to help me refine which AM i should be using. I’d like to potentially use the add manually function of the flipper to pair a new remote with the master garage box but unsure which of the 315mhz protocols to use for Keeloq 64, or whether it even is keeloq64.

Thanks in advance

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Please follow this guide to submit a request

Hi All,

i have tryed cloning this remote as well without any luck, even tryed programing the flipper as a new remote.
@Aedicule are you able to follow the guide that @Astra mentioned ? if not i can do it later this week/next week.