Help to support my remote

Hi, Im a noob in here yet so i dont know if its possible or not :sweat_smile:

My father has his car in a communal garage and only has one remote key, the problem is I only can use it once each time is captured… I think it rolls, so I captured a couple of them (some RAW) and post them here.

I want to know if its possible to copy or clone the remote in flipper to have a backup just in case without need to read it again and again at home first.

Add some pics to help.

Files: Remote captured – Google Drive

this is kellogg, dynamic code, what read says. but even if you have it. copying it will de-sync the original remote, but try to record 4+ button presses in a row and play back


I´ll do it, its better idea :upside_down_face:

Same remotes as my tobacco machines …

If you are on the correct frequency/modulation simply save several presses of the command as raw (save 6 presses consecutively on the same file). Send that … System should re-sync to your saved file as you send 2 valid codes (or 5) … On my machines of the same keeloq remote it even unlocks just with one single valid code (you need to repeat it a 2nd time)…