How To Debug Firmware Update on Windows

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Is this the most update tutorial to debug the flipper?

I was able to debug the flipper using an slink and connecting using the SWD pins, I can make a tutorial if no one did it yet.

Is there a way to debug with the USB connection directly on the Flipper?

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This one is NOT for debugging the Flipper. It is for solving update problems.

Not sure, but the official docs seem to miss that.

Not easily I think. USB is normally occupied by CLI.


Just received my FlipperZero. So far everything seems to be working.
I’ve been reading through the various items here in the forums, and I have a few (NOOB) questions apologies.
Performing a system recovery can be accomplished by using a Windows 10 or newer PC. Someone has posted instructions for doing this with a Windows 7 machine with some registry modifications (not sure I want to use this yet). There is another part of the documentation related to the optional WiFi module, stating that it is possible to reprogram/install updates to the FlipperZero using the WiFi module. Does this perform the same function as “repairing” the FlipperZero in DFU mode? I’m guessing reflashing the Flipper you will lose all of your data and settings, and by repairing using DFU mode your data and settings may be preserved?
Are both of these methods effectively restoring the Flipper? Or are these two separate functions, each accomplishing separate results?

Thank you for your time and patience…