Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote (freq 302.5)

I have an old fan remote that looks to be a Hunter model uc7848t. The sticker on the back has warn off, but according to images online such as and it seems to be on frequency 302.5, which doesn’t seem to be an option on flipper. I’ve tried the spectrum analyzer and reading raw on 300.00 and 303.87 with each AM/FM option, but no signal is detected. Is there any way to enable this frequency so I can grab its codes? I don’t have an SDR available unfortunately.


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Is there anything else I can do to help get this pushed along? Can I enable the frequency myself somehow? I’m not able to capture any raw traffic if the frequency isn’t available.

you should be able to take raw samples and play them back with a minor firmware tweak.

There are several firmware versions that allow you to sample the frequency you need, Flipper Zero Unleashed Firmware is one of them.

But the easiest is just edit the file subghz/assets/setting_user on your SDcard

As for decoding, i could not find anything looking up the FCC-ID or markings on the chip. If you really want to decode this you’ll been rtl-sdr to get a good sample.

In theory RAW simple can be used to figure out the encoding but it will be a pain in the ass

Thank you) for the explanation, but I wrote all this and I know how it works

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it’s good to explain it anyway, for the next person…

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  1. Frequency: 302.5
  2. See links in first post
  3. no teardown, i had it apart and can do if need be, but its very old
  4. AM270

Remote has 6 buttons: Light, Fan Off, 1, 2, 3, Reverse. My remote is finicky so these may not be the cleanest samples, but there are 10 button presses on each.

Off10.sub (3.1 KB)
One10.sub (2.0 KB)
Reverse10.sub (17.1 KB)
Three10.sub (7.6 KB)
Two10.sub (9.5 KB)
Light10.sub (24.0 KB)

OK. I’ll take a look, but not right now, there’s a lot going on here