Just Got my Flipper

Just got my flipper, I was wondering what mods/additional firmware should i use?


Start with stock firmware and play with that for a little while first. You might want to try third party firmware later but IMHO there’s lot’s to do with the stock firmware. Third party firmware can come with some headaches you don’t need as a beginner. The main thing you need is a good SD card. Don’t try to mess with rolling code stuff. I’m getting sick of telling people how to fix their cars. :rofl:

Do you want to mess with Bluetooth or WiFi? You’ll need a WiFi dev board for WiFi stuff. If you want to mess with Bluetooth there’s some stuff you can do without additional hardware but you might want to investigate the WiFi boards with an NRF chip on them.

On the official boards we only talk in detail about official firmware. Just go look those up on YouTube. There is no best firmware but there are about 5 decent options.

Already answered here: Coolest ways to use flipper zero day 1-30

And already extended by @jmr. Start with the basics.
There are some cool games out there, I’ve played some evenings rounds of Reversi, Minesweeper and Yatzee. But I don’t think this will help to use the flipper.

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I found the game 2048 fun and I Noticed that’s available for the Flipper. @Ezra_Horowitz if you care about points or levels playing games on the Flipper will help increase your Flippers level. Levels are for bragging rights and extended animations.

IR was useful a couple days ago. My TV was malfunctioning and I used the hard reboot command I have programmed on my Flipper rather then trying to look up the difficult to remember key combination on the regular remote.

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I meant more like BadUsb scripts, IR hacking, Car key reading and things like that.
Also if there is a way to connect a raspberry pi to a Flipper Zero That would be awesome.

I already advised you against that. Tik-Tok is not telling you everything about car key fobs. It’s not what they make you think it is. Best case you get to use the code 1 time. Worst case you activate the immobilizer and need a tow to the dealership. There are lot’s of stories like the ones below.

EDIT: One person that I know of hooked a raspberry PI Zero W to a Flipper. It’s not that practical but yes you can do it. You’re better off using attaching an ESP based device that won’t hog your battery.