Looks like not working sub-GHz radio


Today I received Flipper Zero and tried all functions. Looks like sub-GHz radio not working correctly. I tried to catch all my remotes (and garage doors remotes) but nothing happened. Frequency Analyzer showed me frequency pressed remote (433,919; 924.999), Read RAW also reading frequency, but when I trying to catch button via READ or trying to Send RAW got - nothing.
Firmware is 0.61.1


Not all radio protocols are supported. Your remotes might use an unsupported protocol. Please file an “Add remote” request by following the pinned thread in the subghz category

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Sorry, can’t find mentioned pinned topic. Could you please provide a link or can I to add file to here?
That’s is strange. It is a simple remotes I guess. Maybe you can add some notification to firmware like - “Unsupported Remotes”?

Thanks, I have left message with file from Flipper