Merlin Garage Door

I have a Merlin Garage that runs at 433.92 MHz (checked with Frequency Analyser)
I’m not too familiar with the Flipper yet so I’m not sure if the door is already recognised.
I have attached the raw data and a photo of the wall mounted button.
Also attached a photo of the remote.

Raw_signal_1.sub (52.1 KB)


The tuned button has another side that is more interesting than just a battery and a couple of buttons. no such protocol is not yet supported. it is dynamic Manchester encoding, character rate 2000.

I looked up this remote and it appears to support both sec+ 1 and 2. Do you happen to know which garage door model you have?

Hey, sorry I just saw this, I’ll find the model when I get home shorty and send it through.

@Taha thanks! It looks like it’s a security + 2.0 garage door. We have a discussion here around fixing the integration. Lift Master (Security+ 2)

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I notice you’re using Salea Logic to debug the signal. This is normally used for logic analyzers, no? How do you take the capture from the Flipper Zero and turn it into a file that Logic can read?

I connect SaleaLogic directly to cc1101

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having trouble with this remote

there are no problems with it. cc1101 should not receive this frequency