Mifare DESFire "Can not parse file"

ALL of those open fine on my flipper …

Maybe it’s some sort of restriction of frequency of your region ?
Maybe damaged files ? Damaged SD ? Check integrity of your files and if they were properly downloaded … Also check file system of your SD…

Hey hello.

Regarding the Tesla files:

I don’t know if this have been mentioned previously in the thread but when you download the files from GitHub make sure you download the “raw” file (click “raw”) and then ctrl-s and save the file to your computer.

When you have the file on your computer make sure that your Windows does not hide file extensions (view tab then file extensions must be ticked in explorer).

I had this issue and got the can’t parse-error and it turns out the files had .sub.txt ending but Windows was hiding the .txt-ending so the files didn’t parse.

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Any news on this? Having exactly the same issue…

Me too I made the script for proxmark json to NFC flipper and i get the same error., any solution?

I’m having the same issue. With some of the cards, only UID is being copied and it only shows the option to emulate the UID and not the info. How does one fix this?