More flexible IR remote layouting

Greetings. When adding a new IR remote with a lot of buttons, it can become inconvenient to move between them if there are a lot of them if they are arranged in one column. Is it expedient and possible to add an option for placing buttons in two or three columns? in two columns can be convenient for power buttons - mute and switch channels and volume. It can be convenient to place buttons with numbers in three columns. At the same time, the buttons become smaller, but access to them becomes more convenient. For button labels in several rows, icons could be added, such as those commonly used for standby, turning off the volume and arrows.
I don’t know if there is a feature to move already added buttons relative to each other, but it would also be convenient.

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Hi evgenius123,

i recently came up with a similar idea but with the buttons arranged on several pages aligned next to each other.
(Create multi-paged remotes)

Maybe we can rise awareness together because it seems like we’re the only ones with this issue.