My garage door opener seems to hop frequencies

Is this okay? Will it work if I just set it to one of the frequencies it hops to and use that as the main one?

I can use the raw read and get a strong signal doing that.

Oh and the frequency analyzer shows frequencies with values after the decimal, many not available in the frequency list. Does that affect things?


How does this hopping look like? Can you provide a list of frequencies it uses?

It will stay on a certain frequency for a non standard amount of time. Sometimes a second or two, sometimes it hops around quickly.
FCC ID of the device is HBW7359. I cant seem to find a frequency list but it does give a range of 310-390MHz on the FCC site.

Some example frequencies:


It seems that the remote is mostly around 315mhz, let’s choose that as our frequency.

Can you please follow the instructions here?

Also, do you happen to have an SDR? It would greatly help us if you could record the signal using it

I can definitely grab the info in that guide! Would you like me to start a new thread or use this one?

I do have an SDR, so I’ll try and get that info.

I’m curious, you said it looks to be 915, but none of the frequencies are up around 900, did you mean 315? Or am I confused as to how this works?

I also see you want each button pressed 10 times, was this supposed to say each for 10 seconds? If it is 10 times, should I hold each button down for a certain period of time?


Oh, yes, that was a typo, I meant 315 :slight_smile:

It’s great that you have an SDR, I’ll contact our subghz developer and send you instructions on capturing the signal soon

Hello! Was just wondering if you had the instructions for gathering the signal.

I am not super familiar with the SDR software so any help around what to do would be appreciated.


if the key fob jumps over frequencies, then you need to record exactly sdr, and first on sdrsharp to capture all the frequencies it switches to. record at least 10 presses of 1 button for 2 seconds, then another 5 for 2 and this is for starters, also a photo of the board so that you can see the details and markings on them and photo fccid

your transmitter should hop on 310 315 390. but it is also possible to transmit on 1 of these frequencies. write down at least button presses at all these 3 frequencies for 10+ clicks if there are at least a few good captures, I’ll try to add

Okay I’ve captured 10 button presses on all 3 frequencies. 310, 315, 390.

I just wanted to make sure these look okay for starters, because I’m not super great at using SDR#.

The recordings are quite large, so I zipped them up and will post a link to them from my google drive.

Do these look okay? Is there a way to reduce the size?

I’m also including a photo of the board, both sides.

Thanks so much!

does the remote have fcc-id. and it would be nice to have a photo of all the inscriptions on the remote control case, in order to know the names and at least some additional data about the device.

The only other marking is the Liftmaster logo.

and again. chamberlain… I have been asking for such a remote control for my collection for a long time. but not given yet. Yes, this AM modulation selects a type of free frequency from 310,315,390. what did the frequency analyzer show? and now I will check your raw files

well, then give access to google disk

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Yes, thank you very much, it feels like the transmission is going on all 3 frequencies at once.

now please also record 10 clicks with the URH program so that I can reproduce it myself (pre-tune to the frequency through the analyzer in URH) There is a very high chance that we will succeed

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Apologies, I thought the link should have been public when I created it. I just granted you access.

Thanks so much for looking at this!

Is the URH the flipper raw scan?

Ive captured 315 and 390 with the flipper. It seems 310 is not available.

Uploading here. (38.0 KB)

URH -Universal Radio Hacker

There is good news, the flipper normally accepts this protocol. call it security + 2.0, I would also like to find an older chamberlain protocol security + 1.0 in it, and I would like to add it. records of this protocol are needed

I’ve got a garage door with Security+ 1.0 - the older, 390 MHz generation for 1996-2005, not the newer 315 MHz Security+ 1.0 for 2006-2014. Specifically, it’s a Chamberlain LiftMaster 1255R.

Unfortunately, this means FCC region restrictions would prevent me from creating a new rolling code remote to teach to my garage door, but it may still be useful for research, the 315 MHz version, and for other regions.

Chamberlain has a detailed compatibility guide that may help others determine what they have:

(Source: Chamberlain, myQ & LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Manuals & Parts | Chamberlain Group )

My Flipper is able to record this, and I’d assume since it’s rolling code, recording 10× presses wouldn’t put me at risk of someone cloning the remote.

@SkorP Should I just follow the steps for reporting an unsupported protocol as a reply here, or do you want any specific/different information?