OV Chipkaart, dutch public transport(NS)

Be able to read the current balance on the dutch public transport card

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I was not aware of the submission guide, as soon as my flipper arrives i will try to add all the necessary information

Yo were you able to? I can’t find more than 44 keys of the 80

I’ve tried a few things just to see what happens, the plastic card seems to be really secure unlike the printed ones.
But when you copy the data of the paper ones and try to use it at the gates they won’t open and display a message saying that you are already signed in when your clearly not.
I’m just thinkering around and I will let you know if anything changes.
Might take a look at the payment machine next time?

Mifare cards for public transport do or should not contain a lot of information on the card itself except some fields of last use/counter, account credits are kept in a online database, not on the card it self to prevent fraud.

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makes sense lol