Paradox Wireless Reed Switch

did not understand anything). just tell me what you would change and by what logic events should be displayed


Bit_0 = ‘Open/Motion’
Bit_4 = ‘wireless reed’

I think this is enough.

I do not have any other model product I can test. I do not know what ’ bit 2,6 or 7 ’ does.

0x2a, 0x2b, I do not worry about

And the logic looks great

Hey SkorP, was there anything else you needed?

Well, I corrected your comments, then you tell me if it works or not)


Awesome, just did a test, looks great👍🏻

Hi Skorp, your Event Codes look good :slight_smile: am i able to send the frequency and Adjust the Serial number on your latest Edit??

you know how the package is generated, create the correct package and enter the frequency in the key field, in the same place in the file

I was able to edit the package to change the serial number and the event code, but when I transmitted, the receiver did not accept.

I than tried to send an unedited package, but this also failed to receive. Any ideas?

It must have been midnight, I was able to get it working this morning before work, you are a genius SkorP :slight_smile: thankyou

The only trouble I’m getting is the last hex value in the key, I believe it’s the CRC. It changes with the value. I guess I will need to run a program each time I change the key to give correct crc? I will try to figure it out tonight

I’ve created a Template for those that come after me, thanks to SkorP who did all the heavy lifting we have a Magellan Protocol.

I’ve used his genius to work out the CRC algorithm using RevengCRC and attached a website that pumps out the correct information.
I’ve also written down the conversion path to create a personalised SN and basic Button press key


Filetype: Flipper SubGhz Key File
Version: 1
Frequency: 433920000
Preset: FuriHalSubGhzPresetOok650Async
Protocol: Magellen
Bit: 32
Key: 00 00 00 00 xx xx xx xx
#00 xx 00 00 = SN-xxx000
#xx 00 00 00 = SN-000xxx
#00 00 xx 00 = Event (08-closed)(88-open)(C8-Tamper/Open)
#00 00 00 xx = CRC= (Poly-31/Ini-FE/Xor-0D)

Guys, isn’t the correct brand Magellan and not Magellen?

It is, thanks, I’m usually replying late at night or first thing in morning haha good pick up

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actually this is an important question. since it is actually called because changing names is a very bad practice

Hey SkorP, strasharo is correct, Magellan has an ‘a’ at the end :slight_smile: all good :slight_smile: thanks strasharo :+1:t2:

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