PC is recognizing device as DFU in SF mode but qFlipper is not able to repair

hello i am new, and this helped me for my flipper - thank you a lot!


When i am trying to update my flipper zero firmware i am getting this error "[RCY] Set Recovery boot mode @Alerwak ERROR: Failed to set Recovery mode: operation timeout [DEV] Full Repair @Alerwak ERROR: Failed to set Recovery mode: operation timeout"


my device manager setting are attached my error logs are also attached please help me to run my flipper zero i have’t used it for one time :frowning_face:

also my device is not showing any thing it is blank

There is pretty exhaustive topic about driver removal here: Redirecting - see the last comment as well for information on using pnputil

I have the same problem. Could you help me please?

My Flipper is stuck in Recovery Mode. When i connect to PC to repair, it runs through to 100%, then there is briefly shown “… region settings…” cant really note it down exactly, a second later the programm terminates and Flipper is still stuck in DFU.

Hello, I had the same problem and the fliper firmware must be updated.

1- install version qFlipperSetup-64bit-0.9.3
2- Download firmware - Flipper Zero Firmware Update, next version of your device
3- update release one by one to reach the latest version