Problem with Lumibowl

Hello !

I tried to read a Lumibowl but the emulation doesn’t work in the Lumibowl App !
Has anyone tried and managed to get it to work ?

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Do you have a short summary, what lumiball is?

A quick Google research says it is a collectable with NFC tag. And there is an app.
But what is the tag for? Is it just an identifier? Are there information to write (like Level in Lego Dimensions or Owner at Amiibo)?

Maybe you can also share what information the flipper is showing at read.
Depending on how valuable the information is, from a screenshot with the header information to the whole .nfc file?

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Yes the app on smartphone only reads the NFC chip, it doesn’t write on it. So I guess it is used as an identifier.
Here is the screenshot of the flipper screen and the header info of the .nfc

# Nfc device type can be UID, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic
Device type: NTAG213
# UID, ATQA and SAK are common for all formats
UID: 04 E1 10 8A C6 66 84
ATQA: 00 44
SAK: 00
# Mifare Ultralight specific data
Data format version: 1
Signature: 3F 56 B2 5B 39 4C 68 77 63 3A 7A ED E6 FB AE D6 90 F1 B0 41 E5 FA A1 41 32 E7 E3 88 DB 04 15 2B
Mifare version: 00 04 04 02 01 00 0F 03
Counter 0: 0
Tearing 0: 00
Counter 1: 0
Tearing 1: 00
Counter 2: 0
Tearing 2: 00
Pages total: 45
Pages read: 45

Looks good for me.

But if it is not supported, it seems to be a question for this forum: About the NFC card support requests category

Here the guys with much more knowledge about the flipper are and can help to implement unknown cards/chips/tags/thingies/…

Just out of curiosity:
Have you tried “NFC - Extra Actions - Read Specific Card Type - Read NTAG/Ultralight”?
I don’t think this action get another outcome, but we don’t know if we don’t try it :slight_smile:

Hello !

Finally it works :grinning:
Don’t know what could happened.
I reinstalled the app and rebooted my smartphone and now it is working fine.
I think that the NFC chip on my smartphone is not very sensitive. I remember that I had also some problems when scanning the original lumibowl object.

Thanks again for your support