Replay RAW on a non-flipper device

Flipper was easily able to record/replay signals from an out-of-production fan remote I have, and I’d like to build a replacement remote, since the original is pretty crappy. I’m planning on rigging an off the shelf CC1101 breakout to an arduino or similar. The one thing that’s unclear is how a stock CC1101 can be fed raw signals – the only library calls I can find send encoded binary data.

How does flipper use the CC1101 for raw replay?

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I’m planning on doing the same as soon as I get my hands on my Flipper.
I’ve found this online:

If you’re successful, I’d be more than happy to hear about it.

Our RAW files are using our specific file format (FFF), which contain the modulation info and the timings between bit flips (when a 0 becomes a 1 and vice versa)

You’ll have to either write your own parser or convert them into some other format to use them on another non-flipper device.

I get that, and the format is easy to parse, but what do the actual numbers represent? They look like signed 16bit values that oscillate positive and negative.

Yes, as I said above, those are the timings (in microseconds) between bits switching in the signal.

I’m sorry, I must be misunderstanding something. Half of the numbers are negative, so I don’t get how I could interpret them as timings. It’s there some signal theory I need to learn about here?

The negative numbers are zero timings, positive ones are, well, ones :slight_smile:

@SkorP correct me if I’m wrong


That is how it is. upload the config to cc1101 so that it knows the frequency, modulation in the desired mode (raw data transfer) and feed this data to cc1101

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Ahhh, that makes sense. I figured some crazy signal theory thing was happening, like “oh those are imaginary seconds”. That’s nice and simple.


Hey Guys :slight_smile: i did something like you said. used an esp32 and c1101 module + micro sd card to transmit recorded flipper files (.sub) with that. maybe its interesting for you:


I just added a new Version, this one is a Standalone (no App Connection etc. required) This could be easily used to transmit .sub Files (tutorial included).

Hope someone can make use of it, let me know if i can help :slight_smile:


How should the timings effect confidence that the value is real and not noise? Also, what tools do people use for bit field analysis?

This looks cool, do you have any examples of this running on the ESP32 with only the C1101 module (assuming the SD card is not needed if the device is only going to play back one or two signals?

I have almost everything I need to do this laying around. Maybe I need to order a couple CC1101.

Maybe this helps :wink:

Otherwise Maybe Checkout my other Project:

Let me know If that works for you


I want to use the esp32 standalone project to send a sub file, but mine hasn’t raw data, is just like and ID.

How can I send it?

Filetype: Flipper SubGhz Key File
Version: 1
Frequency: 433889000
Preset: FuriHalSubGhzPresetOok650Async
Protocol: Nice FLO
Bit: 12
Key: 00 00 00 00 00 00 05 15

Hi Javier, you could try to read the raw signal with your flipper and then export the .sub file again to get the raw data. also dont forget to update the frequency in the arduino sketch in line 42. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

For anyone who is interested, I created a GitHub gist to demonstrate how you can convert RAW to Arduino compatible code:

I hope this can help someone in the future, as I wish I had this code much sooner

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Nice… I’m going to have a look at your code.