[RFID] Scan LF frequencies other than 125kHz

Hi there,

First of all, a big thanks for the Flipper, it’s an amazing geeky device :wink:

Well, my question is : is it possible or will it be possible to read 134kHz tags ?

I have a tag that I use at my office but the FZ can’t detect it with the lf-rfid. And I’m sure it’s not a 13.56MHz because I’ve also tried the NFC.

Or do you think it’s because it’s a rfid protocol that is not supported by the FZ ?

Thanks a lot !


I definitely know it is possible, because of the Animal Tags. See comment from Astra, here: Animal tag “Bayer Animal Coder” issue - #7 by Astra

So it seems the protocol of your device is not supported, right now.

Hi LupusE,

That’s what I thought.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

You can try a read raw and send the file to @Astra to see if it’s possible to implement the protocol/format in flipper…