Send 433 from computer for home automation

The flipper is super helpful for capturing various RF frequencies and playing them back. But how can I take the “Read RAW” RF data that the flipper captures and send it out of a Mac or PC for home automation projects?

Example: I have an RF light in the basement. Similar to WIFI switches, I’d like to figure out a way to toggle an on or off TX when I’m not home.

What makes the most sense / is the easiest and most affordable? Arduino board with RF TX?

Please link me to any projects that may cover this. Thanks

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If you are set on using the Flipper you want to learn about the Command Line Interface(CLI) but the Flipper isn’t the best device in my opinion. You might want to use it elsewhere and there are more appropriate devices for home automation. I use a Broadlink RMPro and Sonoff RF bridge for 433mHz automation. You could also check out this thread if you don’t mind DIY.



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