Small Wi-Fi board in a nice case

my name is Turbo and this is my first post here. I want to show you a project I’m currently working on.
In my eyes the official Wi-Fi board is too big and doesn’t matches the form of the super well designed flipper so I designed my own.

This is the first hand soldered version:

The next version gets a case that follows the form of the flipper:

What do you think of this? I have to order at least 5 pcbs for the next version and only need one. Anybody interested?

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Looks nice, but why are the headers trough hole and not smd? The esp32 has a big ground pad in the middle which could touch the pins

Very nice work. This is one of my favorite parts about Flipper. Seeing all the cool things being done.

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Today these nice little pcbs arrived.
One is the mini Wi-Fi board and the other is a IR prototype board where you can solder up to 32 LEDs in. I hope I can assemble tomorrow.


32! Sounds like you want to turn the TV off on the international space station. :laughing: /teasing

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I have soldered the ir board and printed a small case :v:t2:
Looks good so far.

Anybody heard something in the news from the ISS tv switching on and off?


Not yet!

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