Tesla Update

Can second that. Backed into a spot at the local airport. First try of AM270 popped the 3 next to me.

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All i can say is this could sadly be potentially bad to have people with bad intentions to use this on Tesla car owners reason for is the charger port is vulnerable to being shorted out if water was to get into it if I’m not mistaken.

Which could end up damaging property of the vehicle.
I don’t own a Tesla haven’t personally seen a Tesla all up close or looked into knowing about the Tesla charger port but if it isn’t waterproof and someone opens the charger port on one of them cars might not be a good outcome. Just saying… Maybe someone could enlighten me if they know.

Seems unlikely. They are self closing if a charger is not attached and a Tesla may need to be charged in the rain. They are idiots if they haven’t considered outdoor charging. I haven’t seen a single Tesla charger that was covered personally which is interesting since almost all gas pumps are covered.

EDIT: I have seen other electric car chargers that were covered but that was at a place where most of the parking spots were covered by solar panels. They did not have any Tesla chargers there.

I wouldn’t say this is a valid concern more than it is any other day. You can manually open the charge port without relying on the motor.

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But with a higher chance to get caught on sentry mode.
I would be interested how many Tesla owners got videos with flipper users walk around their car.


I bet there’s plenty of video out there but it’s overlooked because the prank goes unnoticed. It will be interesting when someone gets caught and video is posted.

One thing I noticed is appears that the charger can’t be opened while the car is not parked, tried it on about 4 moving Tesla cars with no luck getting it to open.
However I noticed some Tesla Models I guess have a different looking charger port then others 2 Tesla’s at my job for example I’ve seen one you can see the charger door on the drivers side on another Tesla model the charger doors blends in I guess really good on the drivers side somewhere on the side. I don’t get close to the car because I know their is supposed to be cameras on the drivers mirror and the passengers mirror I’m curious if the screen puts a message up saying the charger port tried to open.

I usually have my flipper keyed up and ready to go in my pocket. Click as I walk by Tesla owner is putting in groceries, or standing next to car at a car show/meet.

The key is not to look or wait for a reaction.

I have also fired off a few sneak attacks from inside my own vehicle while parked.