Unlocking the Power of Flipper Zero: Dive into an Ausome Course Together! πŸ”

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Lol, i paid 10 euros yesterday and to be honest, i don’t think it is very educational. It is very basic and some movies are weird edited. And now i see a price of more then 40 euro and then i have to say that it is not worth it.

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Nope :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No way !!! Don’t pay !!! Best way to learn is to have the flipper, select a theme to study, for example IR, NFC, etc … get some tags if you are learning RFID, NFC or some iButtons for 1-wire, etc and then PRACTICE and explore and try with diferent brands of devices and start experimenting !!! No need to pay anything for a course, the other way is to start walking on the street looking for stuff that you can use flipper with, like intercoms, door locks, etc … start looking for the models, check with flipper if they are NFC or RFID, etc then check if you can attack them …
For SuBGhz you can buy used garage door remotes and check frequency, when you find what frequency/modulation your country uses the most for a specific device - excample garage door or doorbells, etc you can start walking on the street reading on that frequency and see if you can grab valid signals, etc …DON’T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL - Only use signals to open garages/doors from places you are allowed to do so otherwise you might go to jail.

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