Waiting to receive flipper?!?!

I ordered a flipper on April 21st or maybe a day or two prior and as of now through
USPS tracking it states label has been created for
And it’s in pre shipment as USPS is waiting for Flipper
to get into their delivery system. Does anyone have
experience with this and the time frames involved?
It states the label is from Glendale Heights IL.


Same day, same result. I’m guessing there are a couple of back order issues going on, but it’d be nice to get an update. In the mean time, I’m going to continue waiting another week, while monitoring the blogs and forums.

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I’ll just quote myself. My personal experience.


Honestly im not super happy but im happy that im not the only person seeing that the delivery says label is created waiting to receive item. I was like oh come on i got scammed on two other sites claiming to be legitimate flipper co dealers and i thought i got hit again i mean i kinda ordered it and paid extra to receive it faster becasue i need it for work but i mean they gotta do what they gotta do i guess seeing their forum and all that atleast gives me comfort making me feel that this is the actual makers.

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Also did anyone else get an email that was the invoice that was separate from the other emails and my email put it in spam and said the link might be malicious. And also did you receive yours yet as well as did you pick the faster shipping or go with the normal one. If you could let me know id be super grateful i just am trying to see a round about time to when mine might arrive.

same here, tracking # announced but nothing happend further,
glad it was on stock and shipping from NL to DE was nearly 20 EUR which is very expensive and usually what is being charged for super express shipping.
I could drive to the NL warehouse this would be faster :slight_smile:

Totally anecdotal but I’ve placed two orders my experience below:

Both times there was a delay between the label being printed and it actually being picked up. 1st order delay was 1 day 2nd order delay was 1 week. You will get an update when it is picked up.

If you opted for the premium shipping, USPS will deliver your package within the usual time, 2-3 days for me. If you did not opt for premium shipping your order will be picked up by OSM Worldwide. This will be another black hole for at least a week. They will also claim your order “shipped” but it will be days before you see any movement.

Best of luck.

I placed my order on the same date as you, just received mine yesterday finally. The process took a while but I know they’re swamped so I just trusted they’d get it out. And happy to report i just updated the firmware and I’m in dolphin heaven lol. (I did pay for the priority shipping btw)

I hope yours shows up soon man!

From what I understand when you buy in the US they are already at a warehouse in the US. OSM seems to be slow as heck but they also seem to be consistent. Order the slow shipping and you shall receive… eventually! I think the fastest shipping I heard of was 2 days but he was in California and opted for fast shipping. IIRC

any updates? I do not really understand the shipping times if it was on stock and not shipping from China…

after 3 weeks it arrived. there were some PostNL hassles and returns…

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