10 bits 433.92MHz garage opener (Doirtand TS2DE)

Hi there,

I have an unrecognized garage fob. It looks like a generic fixed code remote.
Frequency verified thanks to the analyser is around 433.92MHz. The code is set thanks to 10 DIP switches.

Could you add its support to Flipper Zero ?

Thanks a lot !!

Attached : pictures and left and right button raw signal.

Lx10.sub (91.8 KB)
Rx10.sub (82.3 KB)

I need the name of the protocol, keychain, system… or how to call it f4d2hh12&~?

I could not find any protocol name on the documentation. Are all these protocols brand specific ?
The system brand is Doitrand and all the pre-2018 remotes seems to use the same 10 bits chain (DOITRAND TS2DE Remote Control Gate Opener).

Hope this answers the question ? Thanks.

Yes its better. but now I still need to record button clicks with different switch positions. vyby find out the dependency and do the DIP decryption on the flipper.
and so the records are all off (1,2 button)
all included (1,2 button)
included 1,3,5,7,…
included 2,4,6,8…
several times pressing the buttons in each file

need more information :thinking:

Hum… :sweat_smile: I forgot to mention : L and R stand respectively for left and right button
Here are the other records for left and right button.
I wonder how the message differences are set between left and right button.
Thanks !

Doitrand_raw.zip (177.0 KB)

I already guessed about the left and right myself))) the main thing is the records with different switches

sorry (but the campaign needs a little more entries, namely 10 with switching on 1 switch, the button is not important … here the order of the tit switches is somehow rearranged

Hi, which software do you use to decode .sub file like this? URH with some conversion in between?

my set is quite simple. Win calc, notepad++, saleae logic, Win mspaint, and some (very few) brains

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All reception and transmission work. waiting for more entries from you to add DIP decoding

Here is an updated raw recording set : raw_capture.zip (315.1 KB)

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It works perfectly ! :star_struck: Thank you !
When will it be added to the Release channel ?

offend, otherwise it could not be. will add soon

Hey, nice work!
I also have a Doitrand TS2DE but I think it’s post-2018 (aka “V2”) because the gate was installed in 2020. It has the same dip switches and the same appearance (except electronics).
However, according to this website (in french), it uses rolling codes where the “V1” / pre-2018 uses fixed code.
Do you think it might work with your implementation or is it not even worth trying?

just use this python script: https://github.com/wetox-team/flipperzero-goodies/blob/master/scripts/fff/draw_subghz.py