2.4 GHz fixed code remote possible without external module?

Hello everyone,
is it possible to code for the internal STM32WB55 chip to use it’s “proprietary wireless” capabilities ?
That would essentially be similar to Sub-GHz remotes in signal structure, just way higher in the 2.4GHz Range.

I have seen that there are Projects for 2.4GHz remotes, but with external modules. Why ? The STM32 is capable of generating signals in 2.4GHz. It does not only to BLE.

I suppose it would be possible if you were able to modify the radio stack on the Flipper but you’re very likely to break your Flipper and I don’t believe Flipper Inc will warranty it if you are messing with the radio stack. It’s much easier and safer to add a small module.

That does not make sense. Why should changing the software break the hardware ?
So for any practical application, there is no API for the proprietary Radio part of the Flipper main CPU. I would have to write firmware from scratch. Did I get that right ?

It’s firmware which can be more risky then software. The code that handles the 2.4Ghz radio is locked down by ST(the company that makes the processor). It’s signed code so we can’t alter it easily. In order to add WiFi you would have to write your own radio firmware and somehow bypass the signing process. Even Flipper doesn’t have the ability to write a custom radio firmware stack. Based on documentation it appears memory would be an issue too so I’m not sure if it’s even possible. There is an alternate radio firmware stack that supports ZigBee but adding that would cause you to lose other features.

Who said anything about WiFi ?
“Wireless” does not always mean “WiFi”
The chip info states something like “proprietary wireless”. I would assume that you as a developer can implement your own protocol as long as you use one of the modulations available on the chip. Completely bypassing Zigbee and Bluetooth stacks that are also available on the chip.
Similar possibilities are available with other chips such as ESP32 and ESP8266 etc.

My question was if the Flipper firmware has an API for that. Not if the chip allows it. It is already stated in the chip documentation that the chip allows it. So I would assume the flipper firmware completely kills all other RF features besides BLE from the main chip and uses CC1101 and other for them. What a pity.

My fault for assuming you meant WiFi. Flipper does not create the API. ST creates the API for interacting with the modem on the chip and they create the binary blobs. You can only talk to it in the ways ST allows. Flipper inc says there are 3 options for the radio stack. Look up 802.15.4 and see if that meets your needs.