2014 Skidoo snowmobile DESS tether key

Hoping to not spend 400$ at the dealer on keys and see if it is possible to clone a few back ups.

This is an integrated snowmobile tether + RFID key.

Still in SKID level knowledge with my new flipper but here are the RAWs if anyone has any ideas.
Skidoo DESS.zip (71.9 KB)

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It seems unlikely this can be done with the flipper from what I see so far. The key is also a safety switch so there is some kind of continuous communication or contact required.

Thanks for the info. It will let you start it without direct contact but has to be very close. Without contact it has a rev limiter so the clutch will not Engauge.

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I read up on it and I saw reports about a little part that is in the fob. Apparently it frequently breaks and comes out. That part seems to need contact to actually drive them. It’s a very interesting system. I see they make a special fob that can be programmed to run the Skidoo at a reduced power which is intended for those learning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Flipper could be used to start one but I doubt it would ever be possible to use it to drive one.

Yeah they break a lot and it is nice to have multiple, however dealers charge 400$ for new ones and make you drag the whole machine down there before they will program one for you. I am mainly looking to purchase blanks for $50 and clone my current one to some back up keys.

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Want to bump this as Snowmobile season is coming.

I just want to be clear I don’t want to use the flipper to be used as the RFID key fob. Rather I would use it to clone some backup keys to used to blank fobs.

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Best to just find a guy with a Candoo programmer to duplcate keys cheap. I have a few jet skiis with DESS and we’ve yet time find a work around. Braap

Thanks for the reply. There is also a product called the Dooplicator. I think it is around $50 and uses your smartphone to read the old key.

Yeah getting a 6k autel to make and program your own seems a bit overdone, but the fz might not be the best solution.

Not sure how the smart part works but since its like a wireless emergency cord, for sure it is some kinda of constant beacon, and if its a counter with some encryption, duplicating it is not gonna be a option, then again if it is just a simple 10001 I am here constant low power beacon, you might wanna look if you can see something popup with the frequency detector and see if you can replicate while distancing the key.

If the beacon, the key are the same signal and it is for example time linked to checksums or something like that, making a clone without some extra hardware might be a lot harder.

Not entirely sure but do they have proper ecu’s and odb2 ports like cars? maybe they use some more known stuff and just the name makes it seem more special then it is. Chance they reused already existing stuff from car’s etc seems bigger then they developing their own. So without hardware specifications on one of those keys and more details, it could be as easy as ordering a 5 buck replacement on ali and prog it to the ecu with a odb plug.

2014 is a while ago but its around that time and just before like from 2010 on ish, they started to use more and more intelligent rolling codes with counters and proper checksums, before a lot was still fire and forget.

They look kinda fancy , not sure if the is just for the eye or if they are actually a high-end overall made, we have 2 days of snow a year here so I have little experience :smiley: