2017 Hyundai Elantra Key Fob

Following these instructions:

I’ve attached all 4 button recordings for my 2017 Hyundai Elantra key fob as well as a picture showing the FCC ID.

Could you please decode the modulation and add it as a READ option for Sub-GHz?

I was unable to attach the file due to filesize restrictions on this forum. Here’s a Dropbox download link.



I’ll take a look later

in 1 https://fccid.io/CQOFD00120
keyless coding system this system is now used on many machines

in 2, the frequency is faster than anything, the correct one is 433.92, but the modulation is not AM but FM. and for the exact determination of Diviation, an SDRSharp record is needed (I can accurately determine it from it) and a key record through URH if Deviation is not equal to 2.7KHz or 47.7 KHz

Once again, the system is now popular, used. you should not add such functionality to the official firmware, the device may be banned

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@SkorP What is that app you are using in the graphic?

Saleae Logic

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