2FSK baud rate 2400 problem

I would like to clone a remote control with a very particular frequency:
The characteristics of the TX:
frequency: 869203500
modulation: 2-FSK
dev: 3Khz
baud rate : 2400
fixed transmitted packets: 14 bytes
machester encoder

The code does not change and is made up of 5 preamble bytes 0xAA and the remaining code

I added the following settings to the “setting_user”:
Frequency: 869203500

Custom TX001c

Custom_preset_name: TX001c
Custom_preset_module: CC1101
Custom_preset_data: 02 0D 0B 06 08 10 07 04 06 0E 14 00 13 22 12 0C 11 80 10 16 15 07 18 18 19 16 1D 91 1C 00 1B 07 20 FB 22 10 21 56 00 00 C2 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

sending image of the Original signal acquired with an instrument

Now when I acquire and transmit the signal with the flipper I have a different signal, but the baud rate corresponds, it seems that the flipper samples badly:

As you can see, the white is original, the green is the flipper that replicates the signal, it is not the same


Check https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cc1101.pdf

Seems like a bit to much for the CC1101

write Read raw with your preset, and display it on the viewer in Flipper net. and check what the flipper actually recorded, mainly compare the timings. I think you created the preset for your system incorrectly (I think the deviation parameter was set incorrectly)