3D Models of Flipper Zero shell

Does anyone know where to obtain 3D Models of the FZ shell? This would allow for users with 3d printers to further customize their units. I for one would likley print a PA-CF replacement shell.

We do not provide shell 3D models, sadly. There’s a repository on github with the outer geometry, though: https://github.com/flipperdevices/flipperzero-3d-models

Also, anything 3D-printed would be too thin and fragile to use. Trust me, we’ve tried, and even the fancy industrial SLA-printed cases are incredibly easy to break

Thank you for the response. Since 3D printing won’t be an option for a shell replacement, do you plan on releasing custom shells for consumers to install themselves?

Not at the moment, as we only have one press-form and the more case variants there are the more expensive they all get, but if you need a case replacement of the same color that yours was - contact [email protected]

cnc would likely be able to produce robust enough shells. why won’t you release CAD?

I have been experimenting with some very rugged mixes of resin in my SLA printer mixing ABS like and flexible resins to get a material that has a larger elastic range and a smaller plastic range I would love to attempt to print some custom shells. Any chance you will realase official steps or stls of the shells?