About run firmware on nucleo-stm32wb55rn

Hi folks,

I’m trying to run firmware out of flipper zero for hobby purposes and also flipper is not available my country, so I decided to run firmware on a STM32WB55RN devboard. Previously I wrote on reddit post. But I get a way,

I could run firmware on STM32 via

./fbt TARGET_HW=18 FLIP_PORT=/dev/cu.usbmodem12303 debug cli

Output shown:

It stuck on

11851 [E][Desktop] Secure Enclave verification failed: total 0, valid 0

I was waiting to open cli for flipper, what is the cause or any recommendations???

Exactly that. You devboard doesn’t know the secrets every Flipper does. Probably grep for this string and patch the check out.

Hi there,

I Run “without changing” any code. I flash it via stlink. I got debug with user usb and get screen with qFlipper.

It need to remove check hardware.name in flipper. And got connected with bluetooth.

I have some priorities right now. Mainly I will connect an sd card and lcd, butons then. In lower priority I need Rf module, IR and vibro. Lastly need to connect NFC because it will need custom board(it seems using a microcontroller based nfc module)