AC file

Good evening my friends
Sorry if the topic has already been asked but I didn’t find it
Just baught a flipper zero and singed I’m addicted to it
Where could I find an general AC IR file for all the different AC model (like the original file flipper on the TV IR ) ?

Thx for your help

Take a look at Taking over TVs with Flipper Zero Infrared Port

In the lower part of the site is explained how AC remotes working different than TV IR remotes.
I would say it is nearly impossible to build ‘the same’.

Even if I know there are unofficial Firmwares, that are providing something like a ‘AC Universal remote file’. But I think this file will send something like ‘ON, 22°C, Fan med, …’ so there is a lot more information and the ‘send all possibillities’ will take very longer than the TV Universal Remote.

Hi, thx for the answer.
Just check up the link ! totally right the app can’t be built as same as the TV remote file.
Annywho guess i’m good to scan all the boutons and compile them in a little remote fine AC by AC ^^

thx for the tip !

This is exactly what is the issue here. You can scan every button click, but it is not ‘the magic’.

Press Temp +, you’ll get a code.
Press Temp +, you’ll get another code.
Press Temp - twice
Press Temp +, you’ll hopefully get the same result as the first scan.

The buttons are adjusting the whole package, not only a code.

Try this :