Accesspro card

hi there, new here in this forum…

i have an access pro card for a gate access, i try to save it on my flipper and it seems it don’t detect the card with rfid and nfc, this type of card is LF or HF or what, thanks in advance,

If it is HF, and you have a sorta recent phone with nfc you could read it with your phone, if it is pretty old and LF your phone will not see anything so that is a easy way to filter out badges. If your phone says no it will either be LF or a lot higher frequency corp tag. Tags used for industrial purposes tend to be more on higher frequency ranges, but retro setups tend to lean to the LF systems, so i guess finding out what type of card you have is the first thing to do.

Then depending on what card you are working with, it will be clear on how easy they will be to copy? If you have a new 7bit desfire2 card with variable fields in it and badge use counters, it will take some effort but if it is LF or old HF like mifare 1k/4k without variable content checks, it should be easy to clone

did you made it?