Adding ATM Hacking Software

Ay yall should add a atm machine hacking feature so we can hack into atm machines like John Connor in terminator 2


Not only that would be impossible as it would land you in jail very fast … There is nothing on the ATM card that flipper can grab (it doesn’t have mag stripe reader and EMV/Contactless can’t be cloned as the card will never reveal it’s keys and there is nothing on the ATM machine that flipper can interact with)…

Just scan enough data, use the Tamagotchi feature.
At first the Dolphin will change to Cyberdolphin (around Level 3) and maybe later, some times after Level 7 or so to Skynet?


Does this really work?

As is startet to play around with the flipper, I have had a good overview of the basics. I’ve thought.

Now, a few weeks later, I’ve learned a lot. And now I know I’m still far away from the bottom of the sea.

So: Just scan, read, interpret, analyze … And you’ll get better. So maybe some day you maybe are able to understand and access an ATM, hopefully before any AI destroy every ATM (or human).

The answer can be yes.

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Be honest. Can the Flipper Zero, the current one available on the market ans sold out in Stores and bot an upgraded version of it, hack into an ATM?

I think this is a philosophical question.
This weekend I asked my mother in law, of a knife from the breakfast able is a weapon, because you could stab someone.

The Flipper in fact does not bring a ‘Hack ATM’ button.
But it brings a GPIO line, and with enough afford it should be possible to get into an ATM.
But you know a deep knowledge about the ATM itself, it interfaces and to help about possible exploits.

I even doubt the 64MHz CPU is fast enough to break any crypto, without using exploits. Bit it could be enough to command different tools over the GPIO.
Just imagine a more complex Sentry Safe.

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Short answer, NO, Flipper can’t hack an ATM as there is nothing on the ATM that flipper can interact with.

And about GPIO … If you were able to connect Flipper by GPIO to the ATM (or by USB for that matter) the makers of the ATM would have a way bigger problem to solve … Yes, if you could plug Flipper on the USB port of the main board of the ATM you most likely could cause damage to the ATM … but IF you could do that you could plug a normal keyaboard and do all sort of stuff anyway … Idea is if you can’t use Flipper as a user to interact with the ATM without phisically gain access to ATM parts then there is nothing on the ATM like Sub Ghz Radio or RFID that you can use Flipper to interact with …

Have a nice day.

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With a “can do” attitude anythings possible.
Ya dont get shit being a nay sayer ya whole life.

Why couldnt you run malware code such as tyupkin, ploutus, cutlet maker etc as badusb script. Yes, you would need access to a usb port or rs-232 port… but thats no different to your garden variety blackbox attack… which is essentially what youd be performing… but you have substituted a rasberry pi or something similar with your beloved flipper zero.

Theoretically itd be quite easy, with most of the coding being open sourced. Ya just needa put the work in and research the subject thoroughly yaself… instead of asking the offical flipper zero forum for instructions on how to rob a bank.


Sir, can I use FlipperZero on ATM card when making transaction and it will show approve but also send signals to bank as decline?

When you are owning the mashine, you can write your own handling, while using the flipper, yes.
But I don’t know what your (or a) bank will do with this information.

I doubt any financial institute are open to allow showing something different on the screen than do in the background.
Why should they? What do you want to archive with this behaviour? Look cool? Most financial institutes I worked for are pretty interested at looking cool themself, against any other individual.

best response…last line>>

Do it like Barnaby Jack and have your own ATM’s installed at home, buy a couple outdated ones from bankrupt firms and start breaking your own and see how the information you gather on different machines could potentially be abused in the real world?

Going into the ATM specific direction, you might wanna check youtube for the defcon talks about ATM machines, very interesting en fun to watch.


This article sheds light on the evolution of ATM hacking tactics, from crude methods to sophisticated software. It’s alarming how cybercrime has adapted. Awareness is crucial in combating such threats."

How has the landscape of ATM hacking evolved over time?

Ok this is my take on this. I worked at Wells Fargo as a system admin . BOA /\CHASE/ WF . I was the person the tech calls to upload software system reboots stuff like that.
Some of these have bluetooth that’s already enabled wifi etc.

There like a standard windows pc . .since the system is locked . The only time i could access other controls or make changes when i was remote in the office doing tech or on the phone with the bank manager because the atm is down when i reboot the atm was the only time i could gain access admin menus…

Keycard for banks / vaults are regulated thru basic system I believe and know the flipper can do this. Im not good at writing code but i can point the coder the right direction in forcing a system reboot . Or an bruteforce . The password in these are not conplex

I appreciate your insight into your experience working with ATM systems, but it’s important to emphasize that attempting to hack into ATM machines or manipulate their systems is illegal and unethical. As someone with knowledge of how these systems operate, it’s crucial to use that knowledge responsibly and within the boundaries of the law. Engaging in unauthorized access or attempting to force system reboots or bypass security measures can have serious consequences.

I completely understand, we definitely do not want to engage in any criminal activities, this is for information only This is why some thing are taken away and not even brought up .

For example mag spoof credit card and one point a lil tech made a mag spoof credit card :credit_card: it look better than the flipper attachment and u can pay load it spoof the machine of the previous card used

I feel that we should be way more advanced than today