Adding ir files to the universal remote

Hi, is it possible to add more ir files into the universal remote?

Yes and no.

The Universal Remote is using a file with the type IR library file, while the normal .ir Files are of the type IR signals file. The difference is, that the library allow more than one occurrence of a button name, i.e. multiple ‘power’ Buttons, played one after one.

So, you cannot add the normal .ir (IR signals file) to the universal remote, but you can add the buttons of a .ir (ir signals file) to a universal remote .ir (IR library file).

If you mean to add more remotes, this is also possible. The firmware is open source.

  • clone the git repository local
  • go to flipperzero-firmware/tree/dev/applications/main/infrared/scenes
  • copy and rename any infrared_scene_universal_*.c (* = tv/av/audio/projector) and rename it as you want.
  • add the new remote to infrared_scene_universal.c
  • compile the firmware and copy it to your Flipper Zero.

Hi, yeah i meant to add more remotes. Thanks for the info buddy. Will try it although seems a bit technical for me. :smile::ok_hand:

It actually isn’t that hard. You do have to make sure everything is spelled correctly. A lower case letter in the wrong spot can be frustrating. #experience :laughing: