Adding support (read & emulate) for ISO 7810 cards, primarily in the ID-1 format

The request is to extend the functionality of the Flipper Zero device by incorporating support for reading and emulating ISO 7810 cards, particularly those conforming to the ID-1 format. The ISO 7810 standard outlines the physical characteristics of identification cards, and the ID-1 format is a widely adopted size for credit, debit, and ID cards. By adding this feature, Flipper Zero users would gain the ability to interact with and simulate a broad array of commonly used cards, significantly enhancing the device’s utility in various identification scenarios.

Lots of iso7810 cards are already supported. It’s just a size + material properties. What exactly are you asking for?

I apologize for being so vague earlier. After researching the card I was trying to clone, I discovered that it uses the LEGIC protocol. However, I realized that support for this protocol has already been requested. So, yes, I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused.