Adding universal remotes to stock firmware

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I added lots of things to my new Flipper, and among all that stuff were a few Universal Remotes that are present on “Unleashed” and “RogueMaster” firmwares - more specifically, “Speakers”, “Projectors” and “Fans” universal controllers.
However, even though the .ir files are in the Infrared/assets folder, these new universal remotes don’t show up on Flipper.
What am I doing wrong? Do I have to edit my firmware, or install a custom one, in order to be able to “see” these universal remotes?

Those forks have modified their IR apps, so yes, you need to modify your firmware to add other universal remotes


Thanks for the answer. How’s that done? Is it mandatory to know C language, or can it be done through some sort of editor?

Those files are compiled for another branch of the flipper zero firmware (not official) so you would need to locate the firmware that already have that option/remotes and just flash that firmware instead of using official branch but that is not allowed here so simply use google to find Flipper Zero resources. If you want and know how to do so you can simply “borrow” those extra universal remotes from another firmware branch and dd that to your own version of the firmware, like using official/stock firmware and just change the code of the universal remotes, compile that and flash … But the “easy” way is simply to use the firmwares that already have that pre-compiled so you simply need to update to that specific firmware.

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Wonderful. Not sure if flashing unofficial firmware on a device that’s already so powerful, and quite “new”, makes sense (as I don’t want to miss official updates).
Might be smarter to upload a few IR libraries (lots of them online - already did it, BTW), until I’m able to do any firmware changes myself.

Tnx everyone!

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