All SD card saved remotes erased after adding files from github

I was adding TV infrared remotes when the task successfully ended, qflipper showed something like Success/Exit and at my astonishment, all saved remotes, both IR and SubGhz all gone. Is there any way to recover? I should at least learn from this and make frequent backups

If you plug the SD to a computer using some sort of adaptor can you read your SD file system and check the folders of IR, SubGhz, etc to see if you can find your files ? Is the SD in good working condition ? If you run chkdsk on it does it create recovered files / does it show bad blocks ? I don’t think the issue is qflipper related … Most likely the problem is with a bd SD and yes do backup it often …

the SD card is good. Its just weird when importing large files with qflipper file manager the process rarely ends successfully. It stops multiple times and one of that time it erased all content in my SD card. Well, one thing to watch out for… I will now backup my own remotes/controllers like I just did. I wish there was an embedded SD backup function in the flipper… like an image to revert to when things go south

Well i can’t confirm this because i never use qflipper, i use usb SD card adaptor to move files from flipper SD to PC. Backup of flipper is possible already from flipper internal memory to SD card with 3rd party apps. Backup from SD to SD doesn’t make sense as if SD goes south backup on it will go south as well. I guess you can backup to PC with qflipper but i would simply use adaptor/SD slot to remove the card from flipper and have a backup on the PC.