Am I the only?

I’m so excited with this project. I already 3D print the STL model to feel how it is in my hand XD. Am I this only one?


I would do the same if I had a 3d printer!


If I had a 3D printer I would have printed it as well. Just to get a feel for it


Wow! And how does it feel, @V0r-T3x?

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@koteeq Its a bit bigger than I thought at beginning but the shape feel great, but for all the specs this is way more than acceptable. Because the grip, I understand why they change place of the IR transceiver too. And I’m glad I’m right handed, I saw a comment of a left handed who ask to the possibility to flip the screen tho use it more with his strong hand, but I thinks it will be difficult to use for him even with this feature.

Size comparaison:


i wanted to do the same, but the printing time was way to long for me

@c5e3 what printer model do you have?

I print mine on a Prusa MK3, in two parts glued together, at .20mm resolution, with 5% infill, and it took approximately 1h45m. I will eventually start to design a dock or some gadget module when they will give the final specs and design.

yeah, my anycubic i3 mega also needs ~2hrs, but thats to much for sth, that i throw away in a couple of weeks

Well you could always recycle your prints.

what do you mean?


I do the same if i had the same 3d printer

Would you have the STL file? also would you have a functional case replacement STL for a custom color?