Hi, as I am new in this forum I try to introduce myself.
I live in a litle semidetached House in a small village.And now I have some problems with my TV, phone, frontal door, …domotic objects. Sometimes it smels weed. So…I think I need help to find somehow I can eliminate a jammer I suppose my neighbors have.

Do you all think can be a probability to do it with our flipper.? Or do you know something can do it?

Please, help me. I have a low sound constantly in my house and …that’s very annoying :disappointed:

Thanks for watching

Jammers are illegal. Go to the officials, they have equipment to find jammer and take care of it.

anti jammer? you mean a cable? suppose they have one, it should be easy to find by authorities since they tend to atack a very wide band. If it turns out you are just in a area with to much devices on the same band, start using more trust-able things and go for ethernet instead of unreliable 2,4ghz trash. move your network to a free 5ghz channel and get away from overcrowded bands like 2,4 sounds like the solution here.

If your tv does not yet support 5ghz, and for whatever reason is bound to 2,4ghz , replace them first , and make sure your devices are nowhere near that band of BT/Wifi BGN /Zigbee and other random video appliances taking all the airtime. And if you have to get new stuff, make sure its WIFI gen 6 compatible so are sure you have some playroom for the following couple of years.

In dense populated area’s 2,4ghz is not really longer a decent option anymore, yes still a lot can work well on it, but by now there is so much trash on the band, and old stuff filling it, you kinda no longer want to use it anymore. In less dense populated area’s it is still fine but if you have networks in a close range performance goes down fast.

If you smell weed and there are noises like constant industrial fans going, and they have jammers and stuff, maybe they are running shady businesses and the landlord might will do something to find the noise complaint, and if the fans and the weed farming is done, it also moves their network away, so win win, call the cops and tell them to follow the noise of the fan.