Any suggestion on working SD cards?

I tried borh a samsung 128GB EVO card and a Huawei 128GB PRO.
The Samsung doesn’t get recognized while the Huawei magaes to get formatted but still gives the “not present” error on the desktop application.
I cannot start storing info of devices without a working SD card (they both work perfectly on a mobile or on my pc). Do you have any suggestion of a working SD card to buy on Amazon?
My suggestion is to ship the flipper with a complimentary 16GB card.


The SanDisk SD cards are known to be good, however, the Samsung ones are known to be good as well, so you might have a counterfeit card

Your phone and PC use the SDIO interface, but the Flipper uses the SPI interface, so comparing those won’t give any useful information

Thanks for the answer, so would this be a good buy?

Yep, I’m using the exact same one

Me too, i’m using that exact SanDisk one as well. Works great.

You then solved with the sandisk card?

yes! it worked!