Anyone interested in continuing this "Waveshare/NFC" project?

there are these Waveshare NFC-driven displays where Michael Morgenson wrote a really great App in Rust to transfer image data to that display with the Flipper Zero: GitHub - mogenson/flipperzero-waveshare-nfc: Write to a Waveshare e-Paper Tag over NFC with a Flipper Zero

This worked really great and I was very happy to have a reliable and working gadget to put images on this NFC e-ink display (the Waveshare Android app is really crappy and doesn’t work for me).
Unfortunately one day the NFC API of the Flipper Zero changed so much, that I wasn’t able to build a working app from the sources anymore.
It seems, that the maintainer currently has no time to adapt the sources to the latest API. Unfortunately I am neither able to program in Rust nor to understand this Flipper Zero software model in an adequate time.

So maybe there is someone out there who would be interested and able to fork and continue this project, which as far as I know was the only one to write these e-inks with a real high quality App (not only a proof of concept or demonstrator)…

Thank you.

Regards, Sten

I feel like the main problem is Flipper’s interface. On a smartphone, you can draw a picture or download it from the Internet, adapt to the screen, preview, etc. Flipper will be barebones “select the file on SD and I will set it” at best.
So, the better way is to build a properly working Android app. Not to discourage anyone from fixing the Flipper one.

Indeed, the images are prepared (scaled, greyscaled, dithered, …) on the PC and then dropped to the Flipper’s SD. That work fine so far. There is no need to draw a picture on the Flipper (btw. I also don’t do this on my mobile…). The Flipper ist just a supply and programmer for the NFC e-ink display, nothing more…

Not it! I don’t do rust and I don’t have the eink display. :laughing: With that said I like the project idea. I find eink displays interesting. I have a project with one right now.